benefits of dental check up for children

Benefits of dental check-up for children


benefits of dental check up for children


Most people are aware of the fact that their local dentist earned their degree from a dental school. However, not many people are aware of the fact that pediatric dentists receive additional training that specializes in children’s dentistry, including the treatment of infants, toddlers, and teens.

This focused training enables them to deal with the changes that a child undergoes as they develop and grow. Each stage of their growth requires a specific kind of treatment and medication to ensure that a child’s baby teeth remain healthy and that adult teeth can grow comfortably.

In addition, the fact pediatric dentists are trained in how to deal with kids makes them especially useful in helping to calm their fears when they come in for their appointments.

Because pediatric dentists choose to specialize in the treatment of young children, you can be sure that they are well-versed in how to make both kids and parents feel comfortable in a family-friendly environment.

Fosters healthy dental habits for children

It’s no secret that young children are highly influenced by their surroundings. In fact, by the time they’re about nine years old, most kids will have already developed some habits. As most people know, both good and bad habits can be hard to break.

Obviously, 2-year old toddlers don’t have to deal with the more serious dental issues that adults face. However, normalizing visits to your local dentist office can teach them to develop healthy oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing your teeth after a meal.

These benefits can potentially pay healthy dividends to their quality of life as they grow up.

Regular dentist visits help ease fears and concerns

Fears tend to form at an early age, just like habits do. Interestingly enough, a fear of the dentist is not an innate fear. Rather it is something that the child learns. Yet, this type of fear is fairly common in kids.

Therefore, it makes sense that unless the child is accustomed to visiting their local dentist on a regular basis, they will also develop these feelings of fear and anxiety during their checkups.

However, the more kids get used to the idea that dental visits are a normal and positive part of life, the more likely they are to grow comfortable the next time they have their dental appointment.

Maintain a healthy mouth

Maintaining healthy dental hygiene is essential to mitigating the risk of more serious problems down the line. Needless to say, toddlers have to deal with significantly less dental issues than adults do. However, regular dental checkups are crucial to detecting and potentially preventing more serious problems down the line.

Helps reduce and prevent the risk of decay

Kids are notorious for wanting to chew virtually anything they find appetizing or even curious. In particular, they are ravenously drawn to sweets and candies with high levels of sugar, which can be an issue, especially in birthday parties. As most people know. However, this can lead to damaging cavity formations on their teeth, which can potentially lead to more serious conditions.

You may not always be successful in preventing your child from eating sweets, but you can greatly reduce the risk of cavities forming when you take your kids to the dentist regularly.

Common pediatric dental procedures

Let’s take a look at some of the most common procedures performed in children’s dentistry.

Restorative crowns:

 Restoring your teeth with crowns is a common dental procedure in adults. For young kids, however, their enamels are actually a little thinner, which makes them vulnerable to developing cavities a lot easier.

Fortunately, restoring a child’s tooth with a white or tooth-colored pediatric crown can help reduce the need to extract the tooth in its entirety.


 You may not realize it yet, but kids need x-rays more than adults do. A child’s mouth is constantly going through changes over time. Getting an x-ray, also known as a radiograph, can help dentists spot potential weaknesses in the child’s teeth before they become visible to the naked eye.

In fact, most doctors recommend that kids get their x-ray checkups every six months or so in order to prevent potential problems from developing further.

Dental cleaning:

A pediatric dentist will examine a child’s mouth to get a good idea of their general level of health. Then they will proceed to clean the teeth to remove common materials like plaque and calculus, which build up over time on the surface of your teeth.

Dentists will commonly use fluoride to help protect and strengthen any potentially weak areas from further decay. Although dentists will generally recommend parents to bring their kids on for checkups every six months, a child who is more predisposed to dental caries may be asked to come in more frequently.

Orthodontic Care:

As teeth emerge from a child’s mouth, the teeth can often grow crowded together and/or become crooked. This condition is known as a malocclusion, which can have a negative impact on their bite and overall dental hygiene.

Needless to say, the earlier the dentist is able to treat and correct this common condition with interceptive orthodontic treatment, the less extensive (and costly) it will be to fix later on.

Getting in touch with your local dental pediatrician is crucial to ensuring healthy oral hygiene and improved quality of life for your growing kids. Whether the process is a little more extensive or as simple as a cleaning, a dental pediatrician is skilled in making your child feel comfortable with their appointments.

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