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Dental Crowns & Bridge in Halls Head

If you have damaged or missing teeth as a result of decay or infection, our dental crowns and bridges dental treatment at Peel Dental Studio is the best solution. As the name indicates, dental crowns are cap-shaped restorations that are put on top of your original teeth in order to completely cover the tooth and protect it from tooth decay. A dental crown can be used to fix a broken tooth, make your teeth look better, protect a weak tooth from breaking, or support a dental bridge.

If you’re looking for family dentists who offer dental crowns and bridge services in Halls Head, visit Peel Dental Studio. Peel Dental Studio has experienced dentists and a friendly team who can provide oral health examinations for your urgent dental check-ups. We provide affordable, high-quality dental comprehensive treatment for your damaged teeth, tooth loss, crooked teeth, and other dental problems. Our entire team will make sure that you achieve your perfect smile!

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The Benefits of Getting Dental Crowns

When tooth decay has progressed to the nerve of the tooth, dental crowns are recommended to save the tooth. A dental crown prevents further damage to your teeth and eliminates the need for root canal therapy.

On the other hand, if you underwent root canal therapy, a dental crown can be placed on your tooth since it will cover the exposed roots with a cap to protect them and help them heal faster. Crowns are also used on fractured teeth in order to save them rather than getting a tooth extraction.

Dental crowns are available in a variety of materials, including porcelain, gold, and composites. They are excellent for covering broken or rotting teeth.

Our friendly dentist and dedicated team will check the condition of your teeth and will discuss with you the pros and cons of each material, so you will be able to decide what type of dental crown will work best for you.

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The Peel Dental Studio is a well-known dental practise that is focused on family dentistry. In fact, Peel Dental Studio has been able to retain a great reputation for providing quality care to customers since it first opened in 1979. In the years we’ve been in business, we’ve built a loyal group of patients who have come to expect the best treatment possible. This has led to high levels of patient satisfaction and referrals from other doctors.

Peel Dental Studio offers a wide range of oral treatments and procedures to meet the diverse demands of our patients. Combined with advanced technology, we provide high-quality dental care and treatment programmes to patients of all ages in a relaxing and pleasant environment. Our dental team at Peel Dental Studio are very good at treating patients, and they also know how to find the root cause of your dental problems.

At Peel Dental Studio, our skilled dentists will provide all the dental services needed by patients. We offer cosmetic dentistry, invasive dentistry, adult dentistry, and other aspects of dentistry.

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What You Need To Know

FAQ About Our Dental Crowns & Bridge

Dental crowns are put on top of the tooth surface to repair and preserve the teeth to avoid further damage. They are available in porcelain, gold, and composite materials. Porcelain crowns have a longer lifespan than the other two kinds of crowns. They tend to last 10–12 years on average. Gold crowns have an average lifespan of 8–10 years. The composite material has the lowest durability of the substances, having a life duration of about 3 to 5 years before it has to be replaced. Sometimes, the crown may need to be replaced sooner if the tooth beneath it breaks or becomes weak.

Flossing and brushing with fluoride toothpaste every day are the best ways to maintain dental crowns. It is also important to schedule regular appointments for dental cleaning with your dentist every six months for regular check-ups. Our experienced team can help you to assess the condition of your teeth and dental crowns to see if they are still in good condition.

On average, a crown should last between five and ten years. In the event that the tooth under the crown is damaged by an accident or becomes brittle, then you will probably need to replace it earlier than this period. Our dental practice, Peel Dental Studio, will provide you with a broad range of options if you want to replace or repair your dental crowns. Rest assured that we will assist you in maintaining your healthy smile.

Dental crowns are priced differently based on which tooth needs a crown, as well as if the crown is made of ceramic, porcelain, or metallic material. According to the 2017 National Dental Fee Survey, the average cost of a ceramic crown is $2,040, whereas the cost of a porcelain crown is $2,000 on average.

You may also talk with our dental staff in Peel Dental Studio about the child dental benefit scheme and payment plan regarding our range of treatment options. Our friendly staff will discuss our range of services thoroughly, so you don't have to worry about the financing options.

The operation to place a dental crown is normally conducted under local anesthesia. When your dental provider administers the anaesthetic to your tooth, you will feel a little pinching sensation. The anaesthesia will begin to fade after a few hours, and it is normal to have some pain or discomfort in the area where the tooth received a temporary crown. The discomfort is usually mild and should not continue for long. When you have dental crowns put on your teeth, you may also feel some pain or discomfort during the process.

Fortunately, our dentists in Peel Dental Studio have experienced hands who have years of experience in providing a lifetime of quality care to children and adults. We are known as a dental clinic that provides personalised care to our patients. Peel Dental Studio provides family-friendly care to our patients and assures that their discomfort is minimised as much as possible.

Many patients have reported that their dental crowns are becoming loose or that they are "falling off". Most of the time, this is simply due to the fact that they have worn them for some time and the fit has altered. It may also be caused by dental caries, damage, or other dental problems that have occurred over the course of time.
A dental crown has the potential to appear discoloured. If a dental crown is constructed of porcelain or metal, the shade of the crown may vary with time and get discoloured as a result of the beverages and foods you consume. This will be determined by the sort of materials used in your crown, how it was made, and also by what you eat on that particular day.