Natural-Looking Dentures in Mandurah

Dentures, often referred to as “false teeth,” are a common dental prosthetic used to replace missing natural teeth and restore oral functionality. At Peel Dental Studio, our commitment to patient education and recruitment is complemented by our expertise in various dental procedures, including dentures.

Dentures are artificial replacements for missing teeth and the surrounding tissues, custom-crafted to fit the unique oral contours of each patient. They serve not only to restore an individual’s ability to chew and speak but also to enhance the aesthetics of their smile. Whether you are considering dentures for the first time or are curious about the available options, Peel Dental Studio will provide you with valuable insights into the world of denture solutions.

Our goal at Peel Dental Studio is to empower patients with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about their oral health and explore suitable solutions for their unique needs

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Cost Of Dentures in Mandurah

Dentures offer the freedom to savour your favourite foods and exude
self-assurance through a confident smile. At Peel Dental Studio, we
understand that the price of not relishing your preferred meals or the
joy of laughter with friends far exceeds the investment in our denture

Every patient’s unique circumstances necessitate a tailored approach.
Hence, we commence with a comprehensive consultation where we
present an array of options to assist you in determining the best
course of action. Our commitment to delivering high-quality dentures
is paired with pricing flexibility to accommodate various budgets.

Several factors can influence the cost of dentures, including:

  • Full or Partial Dentures
  • Materials Employed
  • Additional Procedures, such as Extractions
  • Implant-Secured or Traditional Dentures


Peel Dental Studio caters to the diverse needs of our local patients by offering a range of options. Our aim is to
ensure that you receive the necessary care when acquiring top-notch dentures through our services.

To discover more about your options, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our amiable and experienced
Mandurah Dentist. Your journey toward dental well-being and enhanced confidence begins with us.

Why Choose Peel Dental Studio As Your Mandurah Dentist

Peel Dental Studio, a family friendly dentist, is one of the most reputable dental clinics in Mandurah. In fact, the dental studio has been able to maintain a strong reputation by delivering excellent treatment to patients since 1979. Throughout those years, We have developed a strong following of loyal patients who receive the highest possible care, which ensures high patient satisfaction levels.

Our local Mandurah dentists at Peel Dental Studio provides a wide variety of dental services and procedures to address all of our patient’s dental health needs. By combining quality patient care and treatment plans with up-to-date technology, we can treat patients of all ages in a comfortable and relaxing setting. Our Mandurah dentists and highly trained staff are trained to not only treat patients but to identify what caused the health concern in the first place. This approach sets patients of Peel Dental Studio on the road to recovery and long term oral health.

We offer a wide variety of services for patients throughout the Mandurah and surrounding suburbs such as Meadow SpringsLakelandsHalls HeadFalconPinjarraMadora Bay, and Yunderup. Our patients depend on Peel Dental Studio to meet all of their oral healthcare needs. Whether you need Preventative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, restorative solutions or a smile makeover, we can help.

What You Need To Know

FAQ About Getting Dentures in Mandurah

Dentures offer numerous advantages, including the restoration of oral function and aesthetics. They enable individuals to enjoy a varied diet, speak clearly, and smile with confidence. Dentures are customizable to meet unique needs and can be a cost-effective solution for tooth loss. They provide support to facial muscles, preventing a sunken appearance. With proper care, dentures can be a long-lasting and convenient way to improve one's quality of life by addressing the challenges of missing teeth.

For over four decades, Peel Dental Studio has excelled in the craft of crafting top-notch, well-fitting dentures. Our services extend to denture repairs and relines, ensuring our commitment to your dental well-being remains unwavering.
When considering dentures, it's common to have concerns about their cost. However, it's essential to view dentures not as an expense but as a valuable investment in your future. Dentures offer the priceless benefits of freedom, comfort, and confidence, enhancing your overall quality of life.

At Peel Dental Studio, we have taken deliberate steps to make dentures accessible to those in need at reasonable prices. When you contact us, we ensure you receive transparent and comprehensive cost estimates, enabling you to prepare financially with confidence as you embark on this transformative journey.
The longevity of dentures can vary due to factors such as oral hygiene, wear and tear, and specific denture needs. On average, dentures are expected to last approximately 5 to 7 years.

To ensure the ongoing fit and functionality of your dentures, occasional adjustments may be required. Regular checkups remain crucial for sustaining your oral health.

Healthy gums and remaining teeth are essential for the proper functioning of dentures. A harmonious combination of oral health and well-maintained dentures is key to their effectiveness.
Dentures indeed have the potential to bring about positive changes in your appearance, particularly complete dentures, which are designed to restore your facial proportions. When teeth are lost, the facial muscles can sag, leading to an aged look. Dentures, by filling in the gaps left by missing teeth, help maintain a healthier facial shape and a more youthful appearance.

Moreover, dentures can be customized to replicate the natural look of your original teeth, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing smile. This not only boosts self-esteem but also positively impacts how you are perceived by others. Properly fitted dentures are essential for achieving these aesthetic benefits, and they can contribute to a more confident and youthful appearance.

At Peel Dental Studio, patients have the opportunity to review and make adjustments before finalizing their dentures. This process ensures that dentures enhance your appearance, and we hope you will delight in your renewed look.
Wearing dentures may initially feel unfamiliar, and most individuals require a few months to get used to the sensation. In the beginning, follow-up appointments are essential to make necessary adjustments. Even after becoming accustomed to dentures, regular annual check-ups with Peel Dental Studio are recommended to ensure a proper fit.

It's important to note that during the initial adjustment period, some individuals may experience sore spots caused by the denture rubbing against sensitive areas in the mouth. These discomforts are common and usually subside as you become more accustomed to your dentures. However, if sore spots persist or become painful, it is advisable to schedule a follow-up appointment with us for necessary adjustments to ensure your dentures fit comfortably and do not cause any discomfort.

Daily denture care is crucial. As advised by the Australian Dental Prosthetist Association, nightly cleaning with regular hand soap and lukewarm water, using a soft-bristle toothbrush, is recommended. Additionally, brushing your gums and tongue daily with a soft-bristle toothbrush, with or without toothpaste, is important. Rinsing your mouth with a saline solution is also a beneficial practice. These routines help maintain the hygiene and longevity of your dentures and promote oral health.
Our teams are skilled in the art of colour and shade matching, particularly when crafting new partial dentures. In such cases, we strive to create a perfect match with your existing natural teeth. However, in situations involving an existing partial denture, our recommendation typically leans towards crafting a new one. This approach is costeffective, as the expense of recolouring an old denture often equates to that of creating a new one, ensuring you receive a dental solution that seamlessly blends with your natural teeth.

Full or Complete Dentures - Are prosthetic devices used to replace all missing teeth. These dentures feature teeth
crafted from porcelain or acrylic, securely held in place by an acrylic base. Our primary objective is to re-establish
your natural smile, allowing you to embrace life with increased confidence and the ability to enjoy it to the fullest.

Immediate Dentures – These are a removable dental appliance provided on the same day teeth are extracted. This
swift solution ensures patients have functional teeth immediately after extractions, promoting oral functionality and
aesthetics. Immediate dentures offer a seamless transition, allowing individuals to maintain their smile and chewing
abilities without a waiting period.

Partial Dentures – Are individually tailored to replace specific missing teeth, preserving your natural upper or lower
teeth while restoring functionality. It consists of artificial teeth attached to a gum-coloured base, which clasps onto
natural teeth. Partial dentures restore oral function and aesthetics, filling gaps and improving chewing ability, speech,
and overall confidence

Dentures are transformative in their ability to help individuals regain both function and confidence. By replacing missing teeth, dentures restore the capacity to eat, speak, and smile with ease. Beyond these practical benefits, they also contribute to a more youthful appearance, preventing the sagging of facial muscles associated with tooth loss. Dentures serve as a comprehensive solution, enhancing overall well-being and quality of life.
Adjusting to dentures may require some time and patience, particularly when it comes to eating. While most patients adapt to regular eating habits over time, harder or sticky foods might pose a greater challenge. Utilizing a modest amount of denture adhesive (around three or four pea-sized dabs on each denture) can aid in stabilizing and securing dentures, easing the transition process.

However, it's important to note that dentures and chewing gum are not a compatible combination. Chewing gum often adheres to the denture's acrylic plastic, potentially compromising the seal and causing dentures to become loose. The gum may also harden and discolour over time, leading to further issues. Therefore, individuals who wear dentures are advised to refrain from chewing gum to maintain the integrity of their dentures.
Dentures are meticulously crafted to provide a subtle, natural appearance. They not only enhance your confidence but also rejuvenate your facial features by offering essential lip support.

In fact, the effectiveness of dentures in improving your natural appearance is so pronounced that one of the key indicators for new dentures is the noticeable sagging of facial muscles, a protruding lower jaw, or significant wrinkles around the mouth. At Peel Dental Studio, we prioritize selecting teeth that closely mimic the natural look, ensuring a harmonious and lifelike smile that blends seamlessly with your overall appearance.

Proper denture care is essential for maintaining oral health and ensuring the longevity of your dentures. Here are
some key steps to keep your dentures clean and in excellent condition:

  1. Daily Cleaning: Brush your dentures daily using a soft-bristle toothbrush or a denture brush. Use mild hand
    soap or a denture cleaner. Avoid using regular toothpaste, as it can be abrasive.
  2. Soak Overnight: Remove your dentures at night and soak them in a denture-cleaning solution or warm water.
    This helps to keep them moist and clean.
  3. Handle with Care: When cleaning, fill the sink with water or place a towel in the sink to prevent damage if
    your dentures are dropped.
  4. Brush Gums and Tongue: Clean your gums and tongue with a soft-bristle toothbrush, with or without
    toothpaste, to maintain overall oral hygiene.
  5. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse your dentures under running water after cleaning to remove any remaining cleanser
  6. Regular Check-ups: Schedule annual dental check-ups to ensure your dentures are in good condition and fit
  7. Avoid Hot Water: Avoid using hot or boiling water, as it can cause the dentures to warp.
  8. Handle with Care: Be gentle when handling your dentures, as they can be fragile.
  9. Keep Moist: When not in use, store your dentures in a denture solution or water to prevent them from
    drying out.

Remember that proper cleaning and maintenance of your dentures are essential for your oral health and overall wellbeing. If you have any concerns or questions about denture care, don't hesitate to contact Peel Dental Studio for
guidance and assistance.

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