Everything You Need To Know About Cost Of Dentures

Dentures can be expensive in Australia, and many factors may contribute to the high cost. For example, dentists often charge for consultations separately from their work on making dentures. In addition, people with a low income may not have dental insurance or any other type of coverage that will help cover the cost of replacement teeth. This article discusses how you can save money on your denture treatment by knowing what to ask when considering prices at different clinics and understanding your options for funding sources.

What Are Dentures, and Why Do I Need Them?

Dentures, often referred to as false teeth, are removable dental appliances made to fill in the gaps where natural teeth may have been lost in the upper or lower jaw. They come as partial or complete dentures and can be constructed of metal, plastic, acrylic, or porcelain.

Dentures are not just for older people. With the increase in acidity and lack of nutrients, teeth become susceptible to decay, resulting in a need for dentures. Moreover, dentists recommend that if you have any issues chewing food properly and speaking comfortably without feeling self-conscious about your facial appearance, it is time to get fitted for a new denture. Thus, false teeth can’t only provide the function of eating and speaking but also work as structural support for your mouth. 

There are many cosmetic and practical reasons for people to opt for dentures. One example is the correction of an unattractive smile, leading to low self-esteem in some cases. There may also be a need for dentures if there has been irreparable damage done by tooth decay or gum disease that leaves behind gaps where real teeth existed before removing them from their sockets due to irreversible loss. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Get Dentures?

Dentures have come a long way in recent years, and your dentist can help you find the perfect one for yourself. The average cost varies from person to person because it is customized to meet individual needs. Your prosthetist will assess what kind of denture best suits your clinical or aesthetic needs before providing an estimate on materials and configurations that match up with them.

Depending on the quality of materials they’re made from and their complexity, it ranges from $2,000-$4,000 for complete coverage; $700-$1,700 for partial coverage.

Here’s the average price range of permanent dentures in Australia in 2021:

Here’s the average price range of dentures in Australia in 2021:

Item NumberType Of DenturesAverage Cost **From**
711 / 712Full Upper or Lower$1,100
719Full Upper or Lower Set$2,100
721 / 722Partial Acrylic Denture$700
721 / 722Flexible Denture$1,100
743 / 744Denture Relines$300
The Dentures Cost Guide provides a range of prices that is dependent on the complexity of your treatment, materials used and the number of teeth to be extracted. For a comprehensive quote please contact our clinic for an appointment or more information!

The Dentures Cost Guide provides a range of prices that is dependent on the complexity of your treatment, materials used and the number of teeth to be extracted. For a comprehensive quote please contact our clinic for an appointment or more information!

Why Is the Cost of Dentures so High?

In Australia, dentures can vary in price based on several factors:

Quality materials – Dental care is a vitally important part of our well-being. The dental field specifically needs high-quality products that will provide excellent service with long-lasting results. When you have dentures, the quality and integrity depend on what type of materials are used in your replacement teeth. They can affect accuracy, fit between teeth, lead to looseness in your bite position, or increase the risk for sore spots developing from wear caused by poor material performance.

Made by hand – Dentures can seem like a simple, one-size-fits-all solution to missing teeth. However, every mouth is unique, and no two denture sets are identical. Dentures are not mass-produced, and they never will be. They are custom-made (in-house or in dental laboratories) with attention to every detail. Dentists take the time to match teeth colours for natural-looking results that have you feeling your best. Denturists take time to handcraft personalized sets of dentures from impressions taken from your mouth.

The number of teeth that need to be replaced — the more teeth that need to be replaced, the more costly it will be. Therefore, a complete set of dentures is more expensive than partial dentures.

Dentists’ location— Dentists in the suburbs tend to be cheaper than those located in bustling cities.

Type of denture — If you opt for an implant-supported denture, it would be more expensive than a conventional removable denture. The process of having a dental implant is divided into phases wherein you need to invest not only your money but also your time because the healing process of the gum tissues takes months.

What Can You Do to Save on The Costs of Your New Set of Teeth?

  • Ask for options – Your dentist is always happy to discuss options that are right for your needs and feel comfortable in terms of the price range. They can even help match insurance coverage to your dental benefits and create a plan for the best treatment option available.

Your dentist is always more than happy to let you know how they can accommodate all of your individualized needs, including financial ones.

  • Compare – It’s essential to research and understand all your options before going through dental treatment. It can be challenging to find the right dentist, so if you’re unsure of who might work best, ask friends and family about their experiences with dentists to get a better idea. Ask them what they liked or disliked about certain practices, like how long it took for appointments. 

Moreover, reading reviews will show you what people had to say about the dental professional, from their expertise in dental care down to how they were treated when visiting for appointments. It helps keep patients on track of where things are headed so that there aren’t any surprises as time goes by.

You may also want to compare the price of dentures from these various dental clinics before scheduling an appointment because some offer more affordable options than others; this is worth exploring, too, since dental care doesn’t come cheap at all.

  • Local dental school – These facilities offer reduced-cost services so that patients can save hundreds of dollars in denture expenses by taking advantage of the dental work done by dental students who are training at these institutions.
  • Payment plan – Buying quality dentures can be expensive, but there are many ways to cut the costs. Dentists in your area will work with you on an affordable payment plan and offer more affordable rates for monthly instalments rather than one lump sum of money, which is convenient if you have less cash flow coming in each month. 
  • Alternative payment options – There are available credit card promotions that offer 0% interest for a certain period. Furthermore, Openpay, Afterpay, and Zip are three different Australian providers of repayment plans that allow you to spread your repayments out as long or short as you want.

Dental Insurance Coverage, Will It Cover My Dental Work or Just Part of The Bill?

In some cases, insurance companies provide coverage for these costs to be more affordable to those who can’t afford to pay in full. It’s worth contacting your provider and ask about their plan policies for covering these expenses in detail.

Dentist’s Fees for A Consultation and What They Include?

Dentists’ consultation fee varies from state to state. Dentures cost around $65 – $150 in Australia. 

There are instances wherein you can have a free consultation if you are going for a cosmetic procedure like veneers, orthodontics, or teeth whitening. However, the private health insurance provider may cover the full consultation fee or half of it. An initial dental visit typically includes covering your dental history, examination, cleaning, x-rays, and moulds if necessary.

Final Thoughts

Dentures are an excellent way for people to regain their oral health and beautiful smile. They are often utilized to improve one’s smile or provide more balance to the face shape – two things that might impact how we feel about ourselves. However, it can be costly if you don’t have insurance coverage. 

The cost of artificial teeth and fees for the treatment can vary widely depending on your dentist’s location and the number of teeth to be replaced, among others. Hence, it is essential to research before deciding which one you want to go with. If you are looking for an affordable dentist that offers quality service at all price points, call Peel Dental Studio today. We take pride in providing high-quality care without breaking the bank. Our friendly staff will answer any questions you might have about dental treatments and costs over the phone – give us a call at 08 9535 4900.

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