How To Contact Emergency Dentist

Irrespective of how good your oral hygiene is, a dental emergency can arise anytime. Before you dismiss the slight tingling pain in your tooth, thinking it will go away. A bit of an ice pack and a painkiller should do the magic. We suggest that you read and know about some of the common causes of toothaches. 

1. Cavities in the tooth: A tooth cavity is nothing but the degradation of the enamel and dentin around your tooth. When the cavities are deep, they can cause a lot of pain. Mostly, when you eat very hot or cold stuff, and sometimes when you eat sugar-laden foods.

2. Tooth infections: One of the common causes of infection in your tooth could be a cavity. It could have been untreated for a long time. Tooth infection is usually paired with swelling of the gums around the infected tooth. Also, with ultra-sensitivity around the tooth while eating or drinking anything.

3. Physical blow or trauma:  It is possible that you fell or hurt yourself, resulting in an injury to your teeth, gums, or jaws. 

4. Bruxism or grinding of teeth: Bruxism is a condition that pertains to the involuntary grinding of teeth. Grinding over a prolonged period can stress the teeth and result in unbearable pain. 

Dental Emergencies are a subjective thing: There can be no one way to determine what dental emergencies can be. Because they vary from person to person. However, the general advice is that you must never neglect toothache.

Seek an appointment with your dentist:

• If the toothache is persistently troubling you for anything beyond two days;

• There is extreme pain and discomfort

• You have difficulty in chewing your food or drinking liquids. 

While we are at understanding what a dental emergency could be. It is, at the same time, vital to understand the categorization of emergencies. Let’s have a look at them each individually: 

What should you do in case of late-night dental emergencies?

  1. Loss of Permanent Tooth 

Losing a tooth can happen because of decay in the teeth or the gums. It can also be because of careless cleaning and unchecked plaque retention. Or bacteria begin to invade the plaque, and that causes cavities in them. When cavities are not taken care of in time, they cause a complete breakdown of the tooth resulting in it falling out. 

– Do not procrastinate seeing your dentist if your tooth is getting loose. 

– Book an emergency call with the dentist whether it is hanging loose or has come out

– An adult tooth never grows back. You should hurry to see the dentist. As if your gums are completely infected, there will be very little that your dentist will be able to do for you.

– Losing an adult tooth leads to further decay and loosening of other teeth. You may experience difficulty in eating.

Here is what you need to do while you book an emergency call with the dentist:

  • Pick up the fallen tooth by the crown
  • Rinse it under normal tap water
  • Drop it in a small bowl of milk to preserve it till you can make it to the dentist.

2. Broken or Cracked Teeth

Here are how a tooth can break or crack: 

  1. The crack can run from the top surface down to the root. It can also go below the gum line without splitting into two or more pieces;
  2. Crack can develop only on the enamel of the tooth. There is no accompanying pain, and therefore no impending treatment is necessary;
  3. The cusp or the sharp part of the tooth gets cracked. There is usually accompanying pain, especially when biting; and
  4. Splitting of the tooth fracturing the roots. It is a harrowing experience and can warrant urgent checking into an Emergency. 

There are many reasons for tooth cracking and breaking. It can be because of severe grinding of teeth, fillings in other teeth that are putting pressure on it, chewing or biting into very hard things such as meat bones and ice, and some form of trauma like a fall or a hit on the mouth. Dentists say cracks develop with severe variation in the temperature in the mouth too. 

If you are experiencing pain while chewing or have tooth sensitivity, check-in, and seek help. If cracked or broken teeth are not treated in time, they can lead to dead nerves that will require costlier root canal treatment or pulling out the tooth. 

Suggested emergency treatment for a cracked tooth:

  1. Bonding wherein plastic resin is used to fill cracks; 
  2. Cosmetic contouring is used when the chipping is negligible. The tooth is grounded and polished to blend the crack.
  3. Veneers or a weak layer of porcelain is fitted over the front surface of the tooth. 
  4. Crowns are used to cover the remaining tooth after Root Canal treatment is done on the affected tooth.

3. Toothache

Toothaches are perhaps the first warning signs of an impending dental issue that may have manifested long ago. There are several reasons for a toothache. They can be anything from tooth decay, infection in the gums, cracks, affected wisdom tooth, or loosening of the previous filling

The only solution is to make an appointment with your dentist at Mandurah. A dentist can do a thorough examination to point out the exact cause of the pain and your suffering. A precise diagnosis means that the treatment can begin early. Things can be sorted out before they get blown out of proportion. 

Tooth pain, when ignored, can lead to more throbbing pain. It may also lead to an inability to eat or drink. Further results in cost-escalating treatments. It is an excellent habit to get your teeth professionally cleaned regularly. It will prevent gum diseases and problems such as bad breath

4. Bleeding gums

It is never normal to bleed in the mouth. So, you must see the dentist if you see blood on your floss string or blood in your saliva. If bleeding continues for days after extraction of a tooth, do not delay seeking emergency oral help.

5. Something Stuck Between Teeth

If food fibre or tiny bones are stuck between your teeth, and you are experiencing difficulty in dislodging it from there, please head to your dentist. Always resist using sharp metal objects to dislodge, potentially harming gums or breaking or chip away teeth.

After Hours Dental Emergencies: 

The list mentioned above charts out the most common dental problems. However, apart from those, if there are any other issues you face, you must never hesitate to call on your trusted family dentist at the Mandurah emergency dentist clinic. Mandurah dental clinic strives to provide you with the best medical experience and be a textbook example of excellent customer care. 

Emergency tooth issues that you can check-in at the after-hours dentist services:

Mandurah clinics have emergency dentists and support staffs to handle all cases relating to dental health care, such as  

  • Tooth extraction
  • Relief from intense pain
  • Pain due to injuries and trauma
  • Repairing a broken tooth
  • Re-filling of cavities
  • Cleaning of tooth abscesses

Why you must seek help at emergency dental care:

  1. A dentist at the emergency will help you find out the root cause of the ache in your tooth. They also help with the necessary steps to alleviate pain and suffering; 
  2. Getting help at the right time helps to prevent complications. A cavity in the tooth, if treated in time, will not warrant a long-drawn procedure such as a Root Canal Treatment;
  3. Emergency dental care can help you save a lot of money because you nip the problem at the bud itself; 
  4. Checking into a dental emergency will assure you that your oral health is under control, and you can go back to routine with peace of mind. 

The bottom line is that tooth pain can strike at any time of the day or night. It is precisely for this reason that you need emergency dental care. Whether you are a resident at Mandurah or you have checked in as a tourist, rest assured that there is always excellent dental help at hand in case of any emergency. 

Why will you never be stranded with a dentistry emergency in Mandurah?

  • All emergency dentistry clinics at Mandurah are equipped to help residents as well as visitors with their oral issues.
  • All it takes is a call to the dentist to see in case of any emergency related to a chipped tooth or a painful jaw or gums that requires immediate attention.
  • The emergency dental department is exceptionally well managed and can help kids, adults, and seniors. 
  • Every patient is treated at par and receives the best treatment and care from the staffs
  • The emergency dentistry department works wholeheartedly to deliver a customized set of services so that it can work towards alleviating your suffering as soon as possible. 

Emergencies can strike at any time:

If an oral emergency strikes on a Sunday, you do not need to worry if you are in Mandurah. Because dental hospitals and clinics work round the clock. At any point of day and night, there are well qualified and experienced dentists available to help you with general dentistry, child and pediatric dentistry, new or previously fitted implants and dentures, oral surgical procedures, fitting crowns, and other oral cosmetic dentistry, including use of sedation dentistry.

Dentistry at concession rates for adults in Mandurah:

To avail of concessions on your adult emergency dental bills, you may want to log on to The present concession rate is pegged at a maximum of fifty percent of the treatment’s entire cost, all things included. However, the prices and concessions will widely vary the treatment that is recommended. Rebates will commiserate with health funds opted for by the individuals.  

What do you need to know when a dental emergency strikes when you are in Mandurah? Common FAQs answered for you:

1.What is considered a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is when you are dealing with a dental issue that you encounter on holidays, during weekends, or in the middle of the night. If the tooth pain is severe and not manageable with an ice pack or painkillers, then you must visit the ER room or seek an appointment with the emergency dentist on duty.

2. How to determine if it is a dental emergency or not?

It is essential to understand if the dental issue can wait until its morning or a real emergency case that can cost the patient’s tooth. Here are some of the ways to determine if the dental problem will qualify for an emergency or not:

– Is the pain very severe?

– Is there accompanying bleeding with the pain?

– Has the patient lost a tooth?

– Is the tooth loose and hanging?

– Is the pain due to an infection or abscesses?

– Is there swelling or knots on the gums or the face?

– Is there an accompanying high fever?

All these signs can be life-threatening and require the patient to check in to the ER immediately.

3. How to deal with an abscessed tooth before I see the dentist?

An infection in the tooth, due to which there is an accumulation of pus, is an abscessed tooth. An abscess can be potentially life-threatening. It can bring high fever, severe tooth sensitivity, and tenderness in the gums, neck, and face. Quickly check into the emergency as the infection could spread into other tissues surrounding the mouth and other parts of the body. Do not forget to rinse your mouth with warm salt water a few times to draw out the pus and to get little comfort from the pain.

4. How do I manage throbbing tooth pain till I see a dentist in the ER?

Try any of these to soothe excruciating pain till you see your dentist at the emergency:

– Use warm salt water to rinse the mouth to remove any pus 

– Floss out any food or plaque stuck in between your teeth

– Apply ice as a cold compress on the jaws or cheeks near the painful area

– Use acetaminophen to manage pain temporarily

– Topically apply clove oil around the painful tooth to numb the gums. 

5. Is the treatment worse than the pain? 

Emergency dentistry care at Mandurah and its surrounding Peel region is world-class in quality, and there is nothing that you need to be stressed out about. All the listed dentist clinics cater to emergency patients. They provide a tranquil environment that will help you relax and bounce back to health in the shortest time possible. Surgical or invasive treatments carry risks everywhere. You can seek a second opinion for your peace of mind.  

Final words:

Dental emergencies would surprise you and come unwarned. The best way to handle these unforeseen situations is to self-educate yourself. Be aware of the precaution to be taken when faced with dental pain and contact the nearest dental clinic for further treatment. Remember, pain cannot be measured, and emergencies differ from person to person. So, don’t go by the general book of the law. Be your own judge, and take your call. Happy smiling!!!

Dr. Ross Bailey

Dr Bailey currently serves on the Australian Dental Association as immediate Past President, and before this has held office as President, Treasurer and Country Councillor. He is on the Australian Dental Association Federal Council and has always been keen to give back to the profession that has been his life. He has tutored young dentists at the Oral Health Centre in Perth, which he has held for over 20 years.

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