General Dentistry

Our General Dental Services in Halls Head

Childrens Dentist

Children should take extra precautions to maintain their oral health, just like adults. To maintain your children's oral health in the future, you should start caring for them as soon as possible.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are made to strengthen a tooth by providing it with extra support and preventing it from becoming damaged in the future. Peel Dental Studio offers a comprehensive selection of dental filling alternatives designed to meet your specific needs and meet your aesthetic goals.


Our professional dentists can assist you in restoring your dental health, improving your self-confidence, and regaining the joy of eating your favourite foods through high-quality dentures.

Gum Disease Treatment

Peel Dental Studio is devoted to providing you with the best gum disease treatment available. Our experienced dentists are dedicated to providing you with a gentle and effective gum disease treatment. Our goal is to help you avoid further damage to your dental health by providing state-of-the-art treatment for gum disease.

Root Canal Treatment

Your dentist most often recommends root canal therapy if a tooth's nerve is no longer healthy. The dental nerve might die without proper treatment, causing significant pain and, in some cases, resulting in tooth loss. Peel Dental Studio's root canal treatments consist of both the nerve's removal and thorough cleaning of the affected area to prevent the development of an infection. A dental filling is applied to the tooth, and a dental crown is placed on top.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

In Australia, 90 percent of people suffer from impacted wisdom teeth at some point in their lives. Our dentists at Peel Dental Studio have a great deal of experience with impacted wisdom teeth and can remove them successfully.

Why Choose Peel Dental Studio As Your Dentist

Peel Dental Studio has been well-known for providing quality care since it first opened in 1979. Our dental clinic offers a comprehensive range of oral treatments and procedures to meet the various needs of our patients. We have a good relationship with our patients because of our efficient and gentle dental care.

Combining high-quality patient care and treatment programs with the latest technology, we serve patients of all ages in a pleasant and relaxed environment. We are committed to providing effective dental treatments and a lifetime of high-quality dental care.

If you want to avail our comprehensive dental treatments, contact us at 08 9535 4900. Our team can assist you with all of your dental needs, whether it’s preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative treatments, or a smile makeover.