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A root canal treatment is necessary when the nerve of the tooth is infected due to factors such as extensive decay or bacteria that can enter through a fracture in the tooth. Left untreated, it will cause you pain, can form an abscess or result in the tooth dying off. 

It is a dental procedure that involves the extraction of root nerves from a tooth, cleaning and shaping the canal cavity and then inserting fillers to prevent bacteria from re-entering  the nerve system

At Peel Dental Studio, we combine technical expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and a patient-centred approach to root canal treatment in Mandurah.

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A root canal is an endodontic treatment used to save a tooth with an infected or dead pulp and prevent the infection from spreading. A root canal saves the affected tooth by cleaning out the diseased pulp and reshaping the canal.

There are several medical reasons why one would need a root canal. Given that it’s one of the most invasive yet restorative dental. Any significant change to the tooth that disturbs or exposes the nerves can precipitate a root canal procedure, such as trauma to the tooth, this can include the following:

  • Dead or Dying Nerves
  • Significant Sensitivity
  • Over Denture
  • Abscess
  • Extensive Restorations

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Access is gained into the tooth, removing decay and allowing for endodontic treatment to start.

During the root canal treatment, the infected or damaged pulp is removed from the inside of the tooth via the small access hole.

The Root canals are then cleaned, disinfected and shaped to a form that can be sealed

The next stage is to seal or fill the root canals with a filling material to prevent re-infection.


  • For the first few days following the completion of a root canal, the tooth may feel sensitive due to natural tissue inflammation, especially if there was pain or infection before the procedure.

    The pain and discomfort can be controlled by taking over-the-counter pain relief such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen. Majority of patients who have had root canal treatment can return to normal day to day activities the following day.


The cost varies depending on how severe the problem is and the tooth affected. Many dental insurance policies in Australia at least partially cover Root Canal treatment. 

According to the national dental fee survey, the typical cost of a root canal ranges between $2,000 to $3,400. A molar treatment with three canals can cost up to $2,700 without a crown and up to $4,700 with a crown.

It’s important that you speak to your local Mandurah dentist like Peel Dental Studio to find out the cost of a root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment FAQs

One of the great fears about this kind of treatment is that it will be painful, but the treatment that is carried out by a trained dental surgeon should be relatively painless.

The root canal treatment eliminates the pain caused by the tooth infection. A local anaesthetic numbs the tooth and surrounding area, making the procedure painless.

After the procedure, some pain and tenderness is normal and can be controlled by pain relief medication such as Ibuprofen.

A root canal treatment can save a badly infected or damaged tooth. The tooth may have become infected or damaged by decay, repeated dental work, wear and tear, gum disease, cracked fillings or an injury to the tooth.

When the dental pulp is damaged, bacteria can start to multiply inside the tooth. This can lead to an infection or abscess, which is a pocket of pus that forms at the end of the tooth’s root.

The main purpose of a root canal treatment is to save your natural teeth whenever possible. 

Simple root canals may be performed by a general or family dentist. However, if the canal has an anatomy complex enough to make it difficult to find, navigate or reach the root may require the touch of an endodontist.

Endodontists are specialist dentists with advanced training in treating the diseased or damaged pulp of the tooth.

Generally, health insurance extras in Australia do not cover root canal therapy. To have root canal therapy covered, you will need to have a high level of extras cover. Most extras cover policies include general dental treatments like check-ups, but do not include major dental procedures, like root canal treatments.

Talk to your Insurance provider to check if you are eligible for a major dental procedure or contact our professional staff at Peel Dental Studio.

Between a root canal and a tooth extraction, a root canal is often the preferred choice because it works on fixing your natural tooth so that it could remain in place. However, a root canal may not always be an option, depending upon the damage that a tooth has incurred. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should go with a root canal treatment instead of tooth extraction:

  • The affected tooth is visible when you smile
  • The treatment is within your budget or if it’s not talk to your local mandurah dentists to organise a payment plan
  • There’s a chance that your other teeth will move into undesirable positions
  • If you have a medical condition that may prevent you from getting a tooth extraction, such as, if you are taking blood thinning medication or injections for your bones.

The recovery period after root canal treatment is minimal, and you should be feeling completely back to normal after just a few days.

For the first few days following the completion of a root canal, the tooth may feel sensitive due to natural tissue inflammation, especially if there was pain or infection before the procedure. This sensitivity or discomfort usually can be controlled with over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen

Root Canal treatment has more than a 95% success rate. Complications can happen due to the presence of a bacteria. Some of the main reason why a Root canal treatment would not be successful are:

  • Undetected crack in the root of a tooth
  • Defective dental restoration that allowed bacteria to get past the restoration into the inner aspects of the tooth and recontaminate the area
  • Bacterial leakage after the root canal treatment.

We recommend visiting your local Mandurah Dentist for a regular dental check up.

Saving your natural teeth is the most important priority of a dentist. It let’s you eat a wide variety of foods to maintain a healthy body.

The only alternative to root canal is to get your tooth extracted and replaced by a dental bridgedental implants, or a denture to restore your chewing function.

Although having your tooth pulled out may cost less initially, the space left will likely require an implant or bridge to be fitted, which can ultimately be more expensive than root canal treatment. If you have the choice, keeping your original teeth is always the best option.

One of the side effects of a root canal is the possibility of reinfection. This could be caused by inadequate cleaning or bacteria. There are an estimated 28 bacteria that tend to accumulate on a tooth after a root canal procedure. The most common side effects are the pain, which tends to wear off.