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Do you want to be the owner of a brighter smile? Then teeth whitening is one of the best options for you to consider. You can make your teeth brighter and whiter with the help of Teeth Whitening Services offered at your local Mandurah DentistPeel Dental Studio

When you get teeth whitening from the local Mandurah dentist at Peel Dental Studio., you will be provided with the opportunity to whiten your teeth faster. That’s because we  use a special bleaching solution to whiten your teeth at our dental clinic. A bleaching solution normally not available on Teeth Whitening DIY kits. At the same time we use heat and light in order to provide an intensive teeth whitening experience.

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Is teeth whitening safe?

This is a valid question, and one easily answered. Yes.

Although the words hydrogen peroxide seem harsh, don’t worry, the active agent of the product has been used safely for many years in the treatment of gums and other oral soft tissue.

Peel Dental Studio has the experience, technology and know-how to make your smile brilliant, bright and white in no time. Call us now or email to book a time to talk about teeth whitening. It’s the confidence boost you’ve been waiting for.


Over time our teeth pick up staining from a variety of sources:
*  Dark drinks eg: tea, coffee, wine, juice, soda.
*  Pigmented foods such as soy sauce, blackberries, cranberries.
*  Aging.  Enamel wearing on your teeth with age exposes more of the dark yellow brownish colouring underneath.
*  Genetics, some people have naturally whiter teeth than others.
*  A history of trauma to teeth. Root canal and other treatments can all leave a visible mark on your teeth.
*  Smoking.
*  Poor oral hygiene.
*  Medications, certain antibiotics given in the childhood years can leave a permanent form of staining on teeth, and other medications can also dull teeth.


The procedure is simple and only involves a couple of appointments.

We will initially need to make an appointment to clean and prepare your teeth for the whitening process, and then we will take accurate impressions of your upper and lower teeth.

The custom made trays will then be made by our laboratory technicians, and are ready within a few days.

The trays are then tried in to make sure they are a snug fit; and we will then show you how to apply the whitening gel and give you specific instructions on how to use the product safely and effectively.

Although this process will usually take 4 to 6 weeks to acquire the results you require it can be repeated again and again whenever re-staining occurs.

Both methods have their merits and it comes down to a personal choice for the patient.

Teeth Whitening Faq's

Your teeth are slightly porous. Some of the foods you consume, such as Dark Berries, Coffee and Wine can stain your teeth. As a result, The natural colour of your teeth can discolour. This is one of the main reasons that people have their teeth whitened.

Before you use a specific teeth whitening product or teeth whitening DIY method, you must get in touch with your dentist and ask for recommendations. You should never go ahead and purchase an over the counter product. That’s because you must purchase a high quality teeth whitening product, made out of the best quality ingredients, so that you can avoid over whitening your teeth. Moreover, you can ask for instructions on how to whiten your teeth as well. You are strongly encouraged not to over whiten the teeth than what is recommended by your dentist at Peel Dental Studio.

When it comes to Teeth Whitening, you have two options to consider. The first option is a take home Teeth Whitening Kit, which is available at Peel Dental Studio and you administer at home.

The second option is to make an appointment with one of our professional Mandurah Dentist, who can offer teeth whitening services.

When you get your Teeth Whitened by one of our professional Mandurah Dentists at Peel Dental Studio, You will be provided with the opportunity to whiten your teeth faster. That’s because they use a bleaching solution that is appropriate for you personally. DIY Teeth Whiteners have a standard amount of bleach in them which may not suit individual needs.

When you have Teeth Whitening at your local dentist your results may be 3 to 8 shades brighter.

If you have sensitive teeth or any other conditions that you are concerned about you will need to discuss this with you dentist, Prior to commencing your Teeth Whitening Treatment. We will develop an appropriate treatment plan for your approval.


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