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Cost of Teeth Whitening in Australia 2021

As years elapse, many adults are faced with the reality of discoloured teeth. Teeth discolour for various reasons, including consuming substances that cause staining (such as coffee and tobacco) and aging. When this happens, many people lose their confidence because they do not understand how to deal with this new reality. If this is you, there is no need to worry. There are procedures such as teeth whitening that can help you counter discolouration of teeth.

Cost of Teeth Whitening in Australia

Teeth whitening is a process of bleaching that works on the dentin and enamel to lighten discolouration. Dentists use substances such as carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide to create an oxidation reaction. This process is effective, does not hurt the enamel, and can help an individual feel and look younger. The cost of the teeth whitening in Australia will depend on a variety of factors including:

  • Who is your dentist?
  • Number of seasons required to whiten
  • The kind of treatment you prefer

While there are all sorts of teeth whitening products on the market, it is difficult for consumers to decide which is best for their needs. Moreover, these products are not consistent nor effective. The results may be lacking, which causes disappointment for the patient and makes them frustrated. Some of these products are not just ineffective. They cannot protect the enamel because the right professionals in the industry did not craft them. Therefore, you should trust only your dentist with issues surrounding the whitening of teeth.

There are two types of teeth whitening options. Below we explore each and the cost.

  1. In-Chair Teeth Whitening. Just like the name suggests, this is when a patient gets their teeth whitened on the dentists’ chair. While the process may be quick, it is costly compared to the take-home teeth whitening option. Whitening one tooth costs an average of $260. However, the process is worth it, as the results will be lasting and consistent.
  2. Take-Home Teeth Whitening. Dentists use casts that are laden with whitening gel for this type of whitening. The patient is required to wear these casts for a certain period to ensure consistent, even results. The cost of take-home teeth whitening averages to $610. However, this is just an estimation. To know the costs of teeth whitening at any facility, you should book an appointment with the dentist.

Remember to consult your dentist before going through with any whitening. They will advise you appropriately then clean your teeth for you. They will also ensure that your enamel can cope with the whitening gels that are used to whiten. Working with your dentist is your best bet yet because he/she will remove any tartar on your teeth to ensure that your teeth look smooth and even after the whitening.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is teeth whitening worth the costs?

Answer: One of the most common questions that individuals ask as they try to settle for teeth whitening is worth the cost. It would be good to note that professional tooth whitening is worth every dollar you spend. Over-the-counter products will not give you consistent results that you can work within the long term. However, professional teeth whitening can ensure that you are sorted for the rest of your life, as long as you practice proper hygiene and invest in professional dental care. Buying an over-the-counter whitening product might look like a cost-saving right now but will have consequences in the future.

Can everyone whiten their teeth?

Answer: Unfortunately, the answer is no. Some people cannot and should not whiten their teeth. For instance, people under 18 years cannot whiten their teeth. This type of dental procedure is also not suitable for pregnant women or people with health problems. In the same breath, teeth whitening is not ideal for teeth problems such as weak gums, jaw problems, periodontal disease, decayed teeth, or exposed roots. You must consult your dentist before engaging in any teeth whitening activity to ascertain that you are healthy enough.

How does teeth whitening work?

Answer: The process of teeth whitening is easy to understand. It starts with the dentist filling the custom-fitted cast with whitening gel, placed over the patient’s teeth. The gel’s active ingredient starts to break down just as oxygen enters your enamel and the dentin. The stains in the tooth are then broken down, leaving you with shiny, white pearls. It is essential to understand that teeth whitening does not change the structure of the tooth. By breaking down the stains, the teeth become lighter. However, this is not a process you should try at home. Whitening substances should only be used under the supervision of a dentist.

 Is the teeth whitening process safe?

Answer: yes. Despite the use of chemical substances in teeth whitening, the procedure is safe and healthy. However, these products should not just be used by anyone. Before deciding on the right procedure for you, ensure that you visit your dentist. They will recommend the right products to choose and give you directions to follow for best results depending on what you need. Ensure that you stick to the instructions and that you do not go past the required duration. By following the dentist’s guidance, you can be sure that you will get whiter, healthy teeth.

 What makes carbamide peroxide different from hydrogen peroxide?

Answer: The substances mentioned above are the main bleaching ingredients used by dentists to help patients achieve whiter teeth. Hydrogen peroxide should be used only at a concentration of 6% to achieve teeth whitening. This percentage is equivalent to 18% carbamide peroxide. However, the main difference between the two is that carbamide peroxide formulas break down slower than hydrogen peroxide. Of the two, carbamide peroxide is long-acting and is less intense. That is why carbamide peroxide solutions are usually recommended for wearing for periods varying from a week to ten days. Hydrogen peroxide is more potent and has a short life.