Things To Do In Mandurah: Complete Guide From The Locals

Are you looking for an out-of-ordinary experience? Mandurah in Western Australia could well be the right place to hit this season! Mandurah is part of the Peel region that lies less than one hour south of Perth. It is flanked by Rockingham in the north, Shire of Murray in the east, and Shire of Waroona in the south. Mandurah, till 1949 was part of the Murray Road District. It was not until the 1st of July 1987 that it became a town and then on the 14th of April in 1990 it gained a city’s status. If you are looking for a place to spend a great day, a family vacation with the kids, or an eventful honeymoon, Mandurah it must be!

History Of Mandurah:

Mandurah was once upon a time called ‘Mandjoogoodap‘ or the “meeting place of the heart,” It was initially inhabited by Bindjareb tribes belonging to the Noongar nation. The place is a piece of heaven on earth. Visitors have often referred to it as a ‘modern-day Venice.’ 

There are canals and rivers, lakes and inland waterways! All that beauty and calm makes it one of the top entries to tick off from your bucket list. 

Activities in Mandurah

Simply arriving in Mandurah is like feeling blanketed with calm because there is just so much beauty to behold. A trip to Mandurah is never complete without boat rides and cruises through its long winding canals; there are dolphins to be spotted too! Mandurah has a native crab species called blue swimmer crabs; if you think you are fast enough to catch them, they are game too!!

Tens of hundreds of migratory birds drop by at the Peel Wetlands, and for the bird watcher in you, this place is bliss. Just outside of Mandurah lies Lake Clifton, with the largest thrombolite reef found south of the equator. 

Here is why Mandurah is the best place to hit:

  1. You will never get bored: Mandurah has no dearth of events and activities not just for the kids but for adults as well! There are parks and zoos, playgrounds and beaches and if you believe us, you can spend a year doing things without repeating any activity! No kidding.
  2. Awesome weather: Because Mandurah is a coastal city, the weather can range from fuzzy warm to chilly wet. It usually rains in June, and it is coldest in July, but the rest of the months are great to hang outdoors doing some of the best activities you can think of.
  3. Robust economy: Mandurah is slightly behind the national per capita average, but its local economy is catching up at a fast pace.
  4. Work and play: The city has excellent libraries and schools and sports centres, historical museums, and wildlife parks. So, you get to go about with your serious research work along with some relaxing time. 
  5. Great opportunities: Mandurah offers business support to people who are looking to settle down in this serene city. It is slated to grow shoulder to shoulder in the next two decades. 
  6. Affordable: Definitely a point to be considered, as no experience would be worth and well enjoyed if it doesn’t fit the budget and provide the best value for your money.
  7. People: The locals are warm and friendly. Owing to the cosmopolitan crowd surrounding the city, you will never feel alien here. 

Are you ready to make memories?

If you are still lingering with second thoughts about this bustling city, think again! Mandurah has everything – a vast ocean, forest lands, and a bustling metro area; what more does one want! 

Let us go right ahead and list out some of the best places to visit when you are in this scenic city. 

Things to do in Mandurah and Peel

  1. Ride the Big Toot to Eastern Foreshore: 

If you are looking to experience a quaint seaside town with the best of foods, adventure sports, and other touristy things, Mandurah Foreshore is not to be missed. 

To reach Foreshore, you will have to get on its tourist-friendly train called the Big Toot. This ‘hop on hop off’ anytime express train is free for children up to 2 per couple. The third child onwards is charged at $6 each. Adults are charged $15. There is an option to choose a family ticket for a maximum of 5 members, in which case you get tickets for all of you for $20 only!

The train does 10 stations spanning ten minutes shy of one hour. 

The Big Toot runs on trackless roads and carries a max of 60 people. Its three wagons are thoughtfully designed and can maneuver the narrowest of places. On a smooth, quiet, and comfortable train ride, don’t forget to click some great pictures! 

Things to do in the Mandurah Foreshore:

  • If water sport is your kind of thing, check out jet skiing and boarding at Foreshore. Enquire at a few places for the best package available. 
  • BBQ lovers cannot miss the innumerable picnic spots complete with shades, playgrounds, and other fun activities to keep juniors occupied till you relax. 
  • Seafood of the nets, anyone? Enjoy the best of fishes and chips at Cicerello’s and the Waterfront Restaurant. Then there is also The Peninsula, of course!
  • Get enchanted by the best markets in Western Australia. Shop till you drop from the freshest meats and bread. Enjoy live music being played on the Boardwalk!!

1. The Dolphin Quay:

If you are the type that loves a nice winter break enjoying sunbathing in a modern and well-equipped ocean-facing apartment, Dolphin Quay is just the right place for you! Everything will leave you impressed, right from the living to the restaurant food! And if you are not a honeymoon couple holding up inside, then there is no dearth of activities here.

Things to do at Dolphin Quay:

  • Lido Beach is fun with the sun and the surf. Lido is also called the Children’s beach because there is enough to keep them busy. 
  • Love shopping? The market at Marina is a great place to pick up souvenirs for friends back home. 
  • Good food, of course, with the best cafeterias and restaurants opening their doors to vacationers and locals, you only have to wish for cuisine and have it on their menu. Check out Café Moka for their soft melt-in-the-mouth pancakes and your caffeine dose. Are you looking for a family restaurant? Don’t miss the Oceanic Bar and Grill for bonding over food as you overlook breathtaking sceneries ahead.
  • Unleash your kids’ creativity with the pirate ship cruise. The ship is pram-friendly too. 
  • For a weekend stay, choose Seashells. The serviced apartment is one minute from the Quay and is a beautiful way to spend a beach vacation. 
  • Don’t forget to take a cruise and keep the camera handy because you will spot bottlenose dolphins. 

1. Nature trails in Mandurah 

If you love hiking and biking, then Mandurah is beckoning out to you with its fabulous natural trails. It has some of the best tracks that zigzag with sharp gorges, dense forest lands, wetlands, and some of the most exciting suspended bridges. 

Nature Trails recommended in and around Mandurah:

The 7-kilometers stretch follows River Serpentine reaching the falls. It got the name from a cow called Kitty that was found months later near the gorge! The walk up and down the gorge takes 5 hours, and the trail has a moderate to the difficulty level. Don’t forget your sneakers. 

  • Len Howard Conservation Park

This is a short and easy track loop around wetlands. If you like bird watching, don’t miss this for the world. The place doubles up as a great picnicking spot too. 

  • Tullis Bridge

The flat and easy trail follows the course of Hotham River. Hikers will pass through bushlands and the Tullis Bridge that spans about 15 kilometres in total. The picturesque spots will call out to you, so keep the picnic mat and baskets handy! 

  • Riverside boardwalk

This 2-kilometre trail lying east of Mandurah will take you all 80-90 minutes if you start from the boardwalk at the south of River Serpentine. The place is an eye-candy. Keep the camera handy because most people are lucky to catch the dolphins.

  • Murray Valley

There are exciting biking trails too. For instance, try the Murray valley trail that is 25 km and completely adrenaline rushing. Whether you are an amateur biker or an expert, you will love this place for its convenience.

  • Bridge Loop ride

This 5 km ride will take you through some of the best natural sights to detoxify and relax your soul till you decide to hit back to Mandurah again. You will see awesome nature on Old Coast Road and heritage sites dating back 3 centuries! You could stopover at Samphire Cove, Sutton’s Homestead, and Hall’s Cottage for its 3-D art too.

Fifteen kilometres of beauty, all flowing in front of your eyes as your bicycle. Be sure that there will be many places you will want to stop over to click pictures compulsively. There is The Frame at the Blue Gatehouse that has world-class 3-D Pelican art installations. 

  • Sea exploration

This is part of the Mandurah Bike trail. You will touch Dodi’s Beach and Falcon Bay and take a dip if you feel like.

1. Teeing at splendid ocean-view golf courses:

Mandurah has some of the best-kept golf courses that will compel you to take a golfing vacay at the next opportune moment. There are so many in and around Mandurah that it is possible that you set aside a part of your day to this gentleman’s game and also not miss the other fabulous attractions here. 

Golf courses to play at when you are in Mandurah

  • The Cut Golf Course

The Cut is on the Indian Ocean and is definitely cannot be missed. It has 18 holes, rolling dunes, and an unparalleled, awesome view. 

Do you want to play a course that has hosted many Golf Opens, including the Western Australian Open? Here is your chance. The Meadow Springs Course has a well-kept fairway that is filled with beautiful trees!

  • The Mandurah Country Club 

The course is a particularly challenging one because it is laid through parkland, meandering majestically tall trees. You will see many joeys due to the large population of kangaroos that inhabit this part of Mandurah. 

  • Pindar Golf Club

This course, which is as old as the early 1900s, has great fairways and gives you opportunities to learn from world-class professional golfers!

  • Water activities to experience when in Mandurah 

Do you think you are a water-baby? Then there is no way you are missing all the water sports and adventures that Mandurah is famous for. 

  • Dolphin Island

The one and half hour ride on a high-speed vessel to meet the dolphins close up can be the highest point of your adventures. You will also have a knowledgeable guide briefing you on everything about the Dolphins you ever wanted to know. 

  • Jet skiing

The estuary is the safest place for Jet Skiing. It is possible to hire jet skis in Mandurah and Dawesville at reasonable rates. 

  • Is scuba diving your calling?

You must want to check out the Bouvard Reef that lies between Bouvard and Preston Beach to astound marine life. The James Service Reef shipwreck is a wonderful human-made reef that is 8 kilometres north-west of the Estuary.

  • White water rafting

Murray River has white water rafting that will set your adrenaline gushing as you speed down the small and medium rapids.

  • Enjoy seafood fresh 

For a person looking out to dine on fresh seafood, Mandurah has fishing tours too. You can help your guide pull out crayfishes from the ocean before you can help him put the bbq on your table.

  • Learn a new skill

You can learn angling here by signing up for fishing lessons too

  • Stay at a houseboat.

You can hire well-equipped Houseboats in three different locations around the city. There are bedrooms attached with hot water showers and even a dishwasher! 


The fun never ends in Mandurah. No trip to Mandurah is complete without loads of pictures and an infinite stash of memories. You will be spoilt with choices even if you are on budgetary constraints. There are innumerable free cruises and trails, forest reserves, zoos, and water parks to enjoy with your family. If you are on a honeymoon, you can become more adventurous with a jet skiing package or a helicopter ride across the scenic shores. 

The Ocean Marina has a whopping 390 recreational boat pens and a total of 36 commercial boat pens that will give your vessel a safe mooring place. With so many attractions, carnivals, and free spaces, including picturesque picnic spots and dipping pools, Mandurah is a complete package for anyone and everyone. Do visit! 

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